Watchman YES Symposium Questions And Answers Article 4

Watchman YES Symposium Questions And Answers Article 4

  1. I have passion for politics and want to study political science.  If you want to be a politician, you don’t necessary have to study political science. You can actually study political science for the sake of lecturing. However, I would say that you should not limit yourself. There are many other courses that you can study while you still keep your passion for politics.
  1. I would like to study medicine and surgery but have talent for acting, writing, designing and event planning. What do I do?  Nothing stops you from being a medical practitioner while you do other things like writing, etc. it is however important that you know how to prioritize so that your career would not suffer for your passion.
  1. I am a law student but also have passion for baking, decorating, event planning. My Daddy does not like my passion. What do I do?  You can be whatever you want to be, if you believe and ready to work hard. To start with, you need to prioritize your activities. Secondly, you must be diligent and focused. Your Daddy is only concerned about your ability to handle the course you are presently studying and your passion. So, for you to convince him, you must be able to talk with him and let him see reasons with you.
  1. I had the intention to study law but later decided to change my choice. The reason is that, I think the course is not fashionable for women.  It depends on what you mean by fashionable. However, there is no course that is not fashionable for women. Women are doing very well in every career, sometimes, even better than their male counterparts. So, don’t allow anything to discourage you.
  1. Is journalism a lucrative course?  There is no course that is not lucrative, it all depends on you. You need to make the best out of every opportunity you are given and distinguish yourself from the crowd.

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  • I attended the seminar held on 24th September at munshin . I want to know about the sales of plots of land that we were informed .
    Where is the land located ,size per a plot .payment procedure and title document that will be given .

    Mr CHIMA idafum Reply

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