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The Watchman Youth Empowerment Scheme is one of the several programmes of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement (the evangelistic arm of the Voice of the Last Days Ministry incorporated) packaged to help youths discover and stir up the potentials in them and empower them to realize their God-given destinies in various areas of life.


The Watchman annual Youth Week Conference is here again and this year's conference is very unique and strategically arranged by GOD to raise youths who are UNSTOPPABLE by the devil and his agents.

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Watchman YES Symposium Questions And Answers Article 5

Watchman YES Symposium Questions And Answers Article 5 I am a fresh graduate. How do I get a job?  Getting a job is easy if you can define the value you have to offer your prospective employer. Most fresh graduate...

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Become a Volunteer!
Become a Volunteer!

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